Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Enger Tower to The Rose Garden, 3.8 miles

Height of Summer 12 x 16

Part of the Superior Hiking Trail winds through the city of Duluth, MN so as a change of pace I decided to do a couple of day hikes on a couple of sections.  Part of that pace change was that because there is no camping I didn't need to carry a tent etc. so I could carry my French easel and also have some larger canvas's than the usual 8 x 10 size.  Height of Summer was painted during my hike from Enger Tower to the Rose Garden.  The trail winds its way down through neighbor hoods and comes out on the Lake Walk near Bay Front Park.  I love when these huge thunder heads develop and how amazingly gigantic they are particularly when they dwarf the industrial landscape.  I also love the fact that this nationally recognized hiking trail has included the city as part of its "curriculum vitae".  I also did the section from Martin Rd to the Rose Garden (7.6 miles) on a really hot day and I must admit, it was quite nice to pop out of  Chester Creek and into the Burrito Union restaurant for a cold beer and a two fisted Fat Capitalist!

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  1. Nice job. I love Duluth's industrial side. There's great subject matter around every corner.