Monday, October 28, 2013

The Plunge

The Plunge 12" x 16"
This is another view from along the Superior Hiking Trail atop Moose Mountain at Lutsen Mountain Ski Resort. I came here because I discovered this location the following year on my hike through this section of trail and the view is incredible.  The thought that kept going through my mind was how much this area reminds me of big western views. Obviously we don't have the snow covered "14-ers" in the back ground but we certainly have the big air. And the color. Holy cow the color! This painting doesn't even come close to how crazy the color was. Next time I'm taking a panoramic canvas because the scene continues off the left side of this canvas another 120 degrees! All reds and oranges.

Another thought that kept going through my head was the namesake of this painting. The Plunge is the name of one of the ski runs at Lutsen Mountain and it is not an exaggeration. I'm not an alpine skier so I don't know how many black diamonds this route holds but it's a 45 degree incline until you hit the lip and then it probably comes in around a 60 degree incline.  Yep! This is a SA-WEET spot!


  1. Love the perspective, the distance, and how you make those reds and oranges sit so nicely, yet vividly , back there!

  2. Sweet piece Neil...since it has been many years when my wife and I first hiked the SHT, I'll surely enjoy your hikes and paintings on the trail!